Suicide: A True Story

On a Sunday afternoon almost ten months ago today, a 27-year-old woman drove her silver sedan and parked it behind an abandoned building. She looked around to see if anyone had seen her. Except for a few trees, there were no other signs of life. Feeling assured, she killed the engine of her sedan, then lowered the driver’s […]

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The compound effect

You don’t notice it at first – one paragraph a day, – one paragraph a day, one sprint a day, one new lesson a day, one new word a day, one e-mail a day, one post a day, one sketch a day, one small addition to a building a day… On the day you do […]

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Have You Ever Asked Yourself ‘Why?’

‘Mom, I think I want to quit uni,’ I told my mother. At 21, I began to feel the dullness of uni. I was a third-year student in chemical engineering with an idea of doing something else with my life. I felt bored with the dry and impractical topics in class. While my classmates paid […]

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How To Ruin Your Life Forever

I was 17 years old. Sat in my Biology class that Saturday afternoon when I received the worst news in my life. Along with 11 other classmates, I waited for the results of my second Biology test in my first year of A-levels. A few students were called first. Then my lecturer turned to me […]

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A Short 2016 Re-Cap

It has again been a while since I wrote an update about myself here. The reason I don’t do it too much is because I think there isn’t much value in me talking too much about myself. I would rather talk about other things than myself. But I became inspired to write a bit about […]

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