10 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ Without Saying ‘I Love You’

Support them in their goals and dreams, even if you don’t understand them. Encourage their efforts to change themselves for the better. Join them in activities they enjoy, even if you don’t enjoy them yourself. Eat the food they like, even if you don’t like them. Forget about work when you are together. Do your […]

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How to Give Yourself Permission When No One Gives You Permission

‘We can’t start businesses Lu Wee,’ my friend told me. ‘We’re engineering students, not business.’ I wanted to believe her. But something was happening in the world. Young people were making millions online. Not all of them have business degrees, do they? The year was 2010. I was 21 years old. Facebook was 4. Selling […]

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It’s Time to Let Go

I’m not good at letting go. But I try to be. Because each time I hang on to something or someone I know I should have let go, I lose my energy for life. And I want to die. It’s never easy to let go. Attachment is part of our what keeps us alive. But […]

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How to Make a 1% Improvement Today

Quick math question: What’s a 1% increase every day over 365 days?       And the quick answer? It’s not 365%. Let’s have some fun with The Rule of 72 The Rule of 72 is a handy way for people who investĀ to find out when their capital will double based on a known percentage […]

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How to Be Productive If You are Lazy

No one is really lazy. But most people are just lazy to do things that don’t matter to them. They don’t want to do them, but they know they need to do them anyway because it gets them what they want. Like if win one million ringgit at a lottery, and on your way to […]

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